Infinite joy awaits… by bigplew
February 22, 2008, 10:08 am
Filed under: Books, Culture, Masculinity

by Mike Plewniak

Walt kicked off our “3 Dead Guys Who Will Rock Your Face Off” series at VFC last night talking about CS Lewis and joy. This morning, as I reading, I came upon this lengthy quote by Mark Driscoll that does a great job summarizing what we talked about last night. This is from his new book “Vintage Jesus“. After addressing the issue of finding our joy in God, he then discusses how college women and men can be prone to worship relationships, sex, etc… I’ve included the section for men since this is Manspeak (women can go buy the book). Enjoy.


“The reason that many people are prone to hold someone or something in glory above Jesus is that they believe the lie that God’s glory and our joy are in conflict, so that if we live for God’s glory it comes at the cost of our joy. Thus, people who want to live for the ‘pursuit of happiness’ are prone to glorify and worship what they wrongly believe will give them joy. But tragically the result is misery. Because we were made to worship Jesus Christ the God of glory, it is only in being worshippers of Jesus that we can find joy. This glorious truth means that in worshipping Jesus, God is glorified and we are satisfied….

Too many young men arrange their life around video games, sports, the latest sex experience, or just hanging out. They take women as instruments of their pleasure and discard them when it’s not fun anymore. Jobs, when they have one, are just to provide dollars for another buzz of excitement. They seek better living through chemistry. Their false trinity of Frank and Beans is a demanding god, taking everything in exchange for a few thrills. But soon the thrill isn’t what it used to be. The lie that the ultimate thrill is just ahead begins to pale. At this point, many young men realize that they are miserable and dissatisfied because their god is a robber, not a giver like Jesus. But apart from Jesus, the addictions defy change; despite their misery, credit card debt soars and friends disappear. To cope, many listen to music that makes them either violently angry or suicidally depressed as their sin marches them to death.I have spoken to numerous young people for whom these stories are biography.

The only hope for them and every other sinner prone to break the first two commandments is to believe the truth that only when God is glorified will we be truly satisfied. Through the worship of Jesus Christ alone there is joy, freedom, holiness, and life. Only by worshipping God our Creator are we free to enjoy creation by rightly eating, drinking, sleeping, playing, working, laughing, loving, weeping, marrying, parenting, living, and dying to the glory of God. I am a Christian because I want to be happy and, after trying lesser things, I am convinced that my desires are from God and can find their satisfaction in him alone.”


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