10 Reasons its great to be a guy. by Kevin Shipp
February 26, 2008, 11:30 am
Filed under: Humor

10. All necessary personal information and supplies are carried in a 2.5″ by 3.5″ wallet

9. Shoes can be worn with any outfit, in any season, and for any length of time without any hint of embarrassment or social awkwardness.

8. Showers: 5 minutes, tops

7. Buying new clothes doesn’t require an entire day of shopping, the counsel of your 3 closest friends, or thousands of calories wasted on candy, ice cream, or fru fru drinks from Starbucks

6. No make-up required (Though some would probably benefit from some!)

5. Meal: Steak, mashed potatoes, rolls. Dessert: another helping of the same.

4. You can scream, kill things, push over trees, throw rocks and burn stuff and no one will ever think less of you.

3. No possibility of experiencing the pains of gestation and giving birth!

2. Short lines at the bathroom (Three grunts for the efficiency of the trough!)

1. (Fill in the blank)

So, men, let’s hear it! What’s the number one reason its great to be a guy? The one that causes me to choke laughing will win!



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burping is an acceptable way of expelling gas…am i right men, am i right?

Comment by bobel

“8. Showers: 5 minutes, tops”

Are you serious?

Comment by Cap Stewart

we pee standing up therefore we can pee wherever we like

Comment by gary

Cap, are you saying that yours are shorter or longer?

Gary, I am with you on that! PSU!

Comment by Caleb H.


Are you saying that your chucky-t’s go with every outfit? Like a suit at my wedding, for instance?

Comment by Caleb H.

Phone calls require less than 30 seconds….

Comment by bigplew

are you saying you actually have to call other guys? i just use man telepathy

Comment by gary

Bald is beautiful

Comment by Dsizzle

Amen to that!

Comment by bigplew

Caleb: I’d answer that question, but it would only prove to provide more fodder for the Manspeak bloggers. When they smell Cap blood, they get more vicious than a school of sharks.

Comment by Cap Stewart

one of my favorites is the ability to run shirtless when it’s 95 degrees,

but really, I think #1 is:

*This section has been censored out of respect for the single brothers*

Comment by psteele

How about being able to go work out without any reason, just doing it because?

Comment by Justin Reynolds

What “time of the month”??

Comment by Dave Willis

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