A Proper View of Sin by Travis Evans
February 28, 2008, 2:36 pm
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By: Travis Evans

When you look at a clock, do you see hands moving around a face, or do you see several hidden components at work? I ask this because a watch or a clock is not what it seems. There is a lot going on underneath-hidden from view. To know how a clock works, you have to look at it properly. You have to see what it really is.

So, I ask, “How do you see your sin?”

Sin is like a prostitute that no longer looks beautiful. She is the murderer of my King and myself. Therefore, the believer is dead to sin, no longer dominated by her attractions. Sin, the prostitute who killed my friend, has no appeal. She has become an enemy.

John Piper, Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came To Die , p. 77

Piper is right. Sin is an enemy. It killed us and brought Jesus to death. Think of the line: “Sin, the prostitute who killed my friend….” How can it be attractive? How can we tolerate it? Do you see your sin this way, as a murderer? Do you mourn when you see sin? Do you desire to put it to death? Because of it, Jesus had to die. Yet, by His death, we are no longer slaves to it. Do you see that as well? We are dead to sin. By grace, we can become more like Christ the Righteous One.

So take a look, a proper look, at your sin. Study the doctrine of sin (What does the Bible say about sin?). See your need for a Savior because of sin. See the importance and the cost of the cross. And ascribe glory to the Lord.


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Thanks for this post. I find myself, as of late, being apathetic toward fighting sin. I think it is partly because of an improper view of sin. I don’t see sin as the evil thing that it is, and do not, therefore, hate and fight it. Thanks for the reminder of the importance of a proper view of sin.

Comment by Boomer

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