10 Reasons its great to be a guy: Results by Kevin Shipp
March 4, 2008, 11:46 am
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by Kevin Shipp

Well, there weren’t tons of suggestions for the number one reason its great to be a guy, which means I didn’t choke laughing. However, there were a few good ones.

I must declare a tie for the win: The two number reasons its great to be a guy are:

1a) You can pee standing up, which means you can pee anywhere you want!

1b) Bald is beautiful!

Thanks Drew and Gary for these inspired answers!

If you’ve been on Manspeak very much, you are probably aware that our brother, Cap Stewart, is constantly getting slammed hard for having questionable social masculinity. It happened yet again with the last post. Here’s how Cap described the hostility he faces from fellow Manspeakers:

“When they smell Cap blood, they get more vicious than a school of sharks.”

Cap, this little video is for you. Men, enjoy seeing God’s creation at work in an amazing yet brutal way!


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Why, thank you, Kevin. I think this is the first public death threat I’ve ever received.

Comment by Cap Stewart

How many “private” death threats have you received?

Comment by bigplew

I know I’m responsible for 46 private ones.

Comment by Squatty

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