April 14, 2008, 5:00 am
Filed under: Devotions

by Caleb Hancock

I’m sure that many of you have seen the Lord of The Rings videos that came out over the last decade. Not only are these some of my favorite books, but I think the movies did a great job of translating the books into film. One of the most memorable, and thus, most quoted characters in the series is Gollum. Check this scene out from The Two Towers:

So what does Gollum, or the goofy business man in the photo up top, have to do with devotions, you ask? Well, I believe that these scenes depict the practice of speaking to yourself.


There are many ways that you could speak to yourself wrongly! This is prevalent is the worldly view of depression and self-esteem. Our culture would counsel you to remind yourself that you are great and can do anything, and not to let anyone tell you different.

Much like this picture:

But as Christians, we need to ask ourselves…is this biblical?


So how do you speak TRUTH to yourself? What is is that we need to be reminded of daily? What is our greatest need?

I submit that it is the gospel of Jesus Christ!

How do you do it? How should it look?

Let’s take a look at one of the biblical examples of preaching to oneself and let it inform us. By the way, I love and would recommend bookmarking it for searches. Also, I didn’t want to take up too much space on the blog, so click on the text to go to and read Psalm 42.

So what did you read? Here we have the psalmist, obviously a man with some troubles. And what is he doing? reminding himself of how great HE is? Nope. He is crying out to God for help!  What else does he do? He preaches truth to himself! (verses 5 and 11)

Like David, we need to not depend on feelings and circumstances, but rather on the promises of God in scripture. So remind yourself today if you feel condemned of Romans 8:1. Or if you feel like you can handle things on your own, be sobered by 1 Peter 5:5 , Romans 3:9-20 , and Isaiah 66:2

In any and all circumstances, we, each of us, needs to remember the gospel today! God is Holy, Sovereign, and perfectly Just. He made us and will punish sin! We are sinners! And yet, in His love and mercy, God sent Jesus Christ to bear the wrath deserved by all that would turn from their sins and believe in Him. He lived without sin, and yet bore the curse of sin on the cross for all who will believe.

How amazing is this! How undeserved! Is this not reason to rejoice, and to abandon all inferior pleasures for this one, all-satisfying TRUTH?!

So, if you have believed, remind yourself of this truth daily. Let it color the way that you view today, and the next, and on into eternity!