Men, Take Note! by Travis Evans
April 24, 2008, 4:47 pm
Filed under: Roles and Relationships

By: Travis Evans

Godly women have it rough, and men, we must seek to care for them and be their brothers. I know that I have been less than helpful at times with my sarcastic sense of humor. Girls take words and thoughts to heart. They are always looking to grow. If you see that you have told such a “joke,” immediately ask for forgiveness from her. It’s just not helpful, plain and simple-for instance saying off-the-cuff things like, “Well, I guess you’re not very kind are you.”

These girls live in a culture that opposes them and seeks to discourage them-telling them they’re not beautiful unless they look a certain way or are useless unless they are a CEO or other leader. Yet, these girls are trying to grow in hospitality by inviting people over and cooking for them. They are looking out for guys and not looking at themselves when they choose to dress modestly. They are passionate about sharing the Gospel. They are trying to grow in submission by not taking men’s roles. They are always looking to serve others and die to themselves. They are regularly pursuing the Lord and falling more in love with their Savior.

So ladies, I just wanted to say THANK YOU and we see you trying; more than that, God sees you trying, and He is pleased. God is at work in your lives. Be encouraged!

Guys do you want to be challenged? Look at what Godly girls are doing and thank them openly and often for it!


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Amen to everything you said! Thanks, Travis.

Comment by Patrick Chan

Thank you!

-Your sister in Christ

Comment by Chandin

Wow! Thanks! I didn’t realize guys saw these things… makes me want to try even harder at being the girl/young women you described! It’s hard to be a maiden for the Lord in our culture- so thanks for the encouragement (I know… even tho’ you were writing to guys!) We certainly need some if we’re to stand up for what’s right, and to glorify God!

~Another sister in Christ~

Comment by CJ

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