Do your organs work? by Caleb H.
April 28, 2008, 11:21 am
Filed under: Devotions

By Caleb Hancock

Have you ever thought that you knew a lot of things? Did you ever think that you were pretty clever? When facts, undeniable truths are presented in front of you, do you have a hard time dealing with them? Was there ever a time when you just didn’t get something, but now see how you were mistaken or wrong?

With those questions in mind, let’s take a look at Mark 8.

Here we have Jesus traveling in a boat with his disciples while, via parable, warning them about the Pharisees and Herodians, who denied Jesus’ authority and deity.

You can read about it here: Mark 8:14-21

I love the way that Jesus deals with his ignorant disciples. Did you catch it? He makes them say, out loud, what they had witnessed Him do, namely feeding 5,000 and 4,000 people with only 5 and 7 loaves of bread respectively. They knew the facts of the situation, that they themselves had collected the leftovers in 12 and 7 baskets. They had seen what Jesus had done. And yet, they still did not understand. They obviously had, eyes, ears, mouths and hearts, but they remained darkened in their understanding. Their “hearts were hardened”.

But what didn’t they understand? (v. 21) What were they missing in this instance?

Take a look down at verses 29, and 31-32a.

By the miracles that these disciples had witnessed, Jesus was revealing that He is the Christ, the Messiah. That He had come to bear the sins of those who put their faith in Him alone, that He would exhaust God the Father’s wrath against these sins in His own body, and that He would raise from the grave, victorious over sin and death, revealing the acceptance of His sacrifice.

Have you heard these truths before? And are you living today as if they are true???

So often, when I come to God’s Word in scripture, I am aware that my heart’s attitude is not in line with the awesome revelations therein. Namely, that I am a child of God, bought by Christ’s sacrifice, and now declared “NOT GUILTY!” in the throne-room of God! How amazing!

Let’s live our lives not as men with eyes, ears, hearts, and mouths that work, but that are unable to respond to these great truths. Rather, let us be men who, perceiving these marvelous truths, have a profound impact in our world by enjoying, demonstrating and proclaiming them!

ps. One of my favorite skits about facts being presented, repeated, but not understood is the classic Abbott and Costello Act, “Who’s on First” presented here:



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