Walk Like a Man, Because He did Pt. 2 by Caleb H.
May 19, 2008, 5:03 am
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Last week, we examined a few verses in Mark 10. Click here to read part one of this post if you missed it.

So….I have to ask…did that song get stuck in your head? Did it help you to remember the text?

Anyways, let’s go ahead and look at the more important issue at hand in this text in Mark 10:32-34WHY Jesus was heading towards Jerusalem.

Verses 33-34 depict clearly WHAT will happen to Christ in Jerusalem: namely, injustice, torture, and death.

From this text alone, we can see why it was such a miracle that Christ would have headed towards the Israelite capital so boldly. But, without the rest of scripture, we would be lost as to WHY Jesus would be headed towards this destiny at all, boldly or not! (So let’s thank God that he has given us His revealed will and testimony in scripture.)

To answer the question: “Why would Jesus go to Jerusalem to die?” We need to look at another text in scripture, which will provide the lion’s share of this post today. Read this text slowly, and think about Christ and the cross that he was soon to bear later in Mark.

Isaiah 53

This text from Isaiah, written centuries before Christ was born in the manger at Bethlehem, not only provides accurate descriptions of how Jesus was to die and the circumstances that surrounded Him (giving evidence to the divine inspiration of the scriptures) but it also reveals WHY Jesus was headed towards His death. He did it voluntarily for US!!!

Because of our sin, we deserve death. We deserve to face hell forever. Let’s not forget this bad news of the gospel. Without the realization of these facts, grace is no longer amazing and the cross is an overreaction. Don’t be deceived by what your flesh tells you, or what our world tempts you to believe; you DESERVE NOTHING besides the opposition of the almighty God. That’s the truth.

“But God so loved the world” that he chose to crush his son in our place, fully expending His wrath for our sins on Christ, so that the moment that we believe in Him and confess our sins, we are FORGIVEN!

This is the WHY of Mark 10:32-34, as well as the rest of scripture!

The gospel is good news to sinners who are aware of the bad news of what they actually deserve.

Let’s remember these truths this week, and be amazed at God’s love, as revealed in the gospel of Christ, for sinners like us!


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I might humbly comment that the reference to John 3:16 is misused… The word “so” is not speaking of the magnitude of love. John 3:16 speaks about HOW God loved the world. Hence the ESV footnote to clear up the meaning, and the HCSB rendering: “For this is how God loved the world: He sent His only Son…” The “For God so loved” is a traditional rendering, but we still speak this way – we say things like “He loved her so” and we immediately understand that to mean that the man loved the woman in a particular way.
I think that the later discourse in John (that is, John 14-17) is a better candidate for making that point.

Hence, the statement ““But God so loved the world” that he chose to crush his son in our place” isn’t a proper allusion to 3:16…

Comment by Mike J

That’s a great point Mike J. Thanks so much for checking this sight out and reading it thoroughly! It is God’s kindness to you that you would know any scripture! How good He is to ill-deserving sinners like us!

I still think that the reference to John 3:16 is appropriate here because I am not seeking to argue how much God loved the world, but why Christ was headed to the cross in Jerusalem at all. He did it to obey His Father, who provided this atoning sacrifice because He loved those whom He has chosen to save.

Again, thanks so much for reading and responding!

Comment by Caleb H.

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