More or Less… by Caleb H.
May 26, 2008, 5:07 am
Filed under: Devotions

Read this summary of the gospel, the testimony of Jesus Christ, delivered by Peter here in Acts 2.

How awesome that this is the same man who denied knowing Jesus in each of the gospel accounts of Matthew-John, and yet now he is boldly proclaiming Him! This is because of the empowerment of the Holy Spirit that Christ promised in Acts 1:8.

How awesome that Peter was an eye-witness to the miracles and signs of Christ that affirmed his deity, that he was put on the cross by the will of God, and that He is the Lord! And by placing your faith in Him and repenting of your sins, God will save you!

If that describes you this day, re-read this passage in Acts, this eye-witness summary of the gospel, and rejoice that this truth applies to you today!

God is so good!!!!! We are saved not by works, but by His Grace!!! Remember this summary and be encouraged today!

As an added bonus, here is a video that my sister showed me. It is a little girl describing Star Wars: A New Hope, (The first released one with Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker…Not Episode One) quite a manly movie, I must say. It’s a Manspeak must-see movie, and she does a pretty good job summing it up…check it out.


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