June 9, 2008, 5:08 am
Filed under: Devotions

by Caleb Hancock

Have you ever witnessed a man, who in public and private, you could confess as a truly godly man? Do you know guys that regularly express their need for and appreciation of God mercy shown to them?

As I was reading scripture the other day, I was confronted by Solomon’s example in 1 Kings 8. (It’s a long chapter, but well worth the time!)

Solomon, who scripture attests as the most discerning man (second to Christ) in ALL OF HISTORY (1 Kings 3:11-13) is living in splendor and riches. He has just built a magnificent temple and palace. And he calls the leaders of Israel together, not to boast in their wealth or to flatter himself. No. Instead, he declares that all of this is God’s doing. It’s God fulfilling every promise that he made concerning this.

He then precedes to, this is the King mind you, bow his knees in front of God’s presence, outstretch his hands in humility and before all the leaders and men of Israel, declare his praise to God and on behalf of himself and his people, confess their great need for grace and mercy, to not be treated according to their sins.

Solomon in 1 Kings 8 on his knees before the Lord, crying out praise and asking for Grace! That’s a man! Do you have men in your life like this? Do you encourage them and thank God regularly for them? Are you yourself an example of this? If not…what needs to change?

I submit it is to view yourself rightly before God. Namely, we are all undeserving, and even beyond that, we deserve the opposite of what God has given us in Christ. He has answered Solomon’s, and your heart’s (if you have cried out to him) prayer for grace!

Remember this, and be a man, like Solomon, that recognizes and proclaims his dependence on and expectations of God’s grace in his life!


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Great post! Who posted this blog?

Comment by chappy

Hey Chappy,

Thanks for reading it! Sorry that I forgot to put my name on there. I changed it. (Thanks for the heads up!)
So, Jonathan, who would you say is an example of a godly man in our church?
I immediately thought of Bill Kittrell. Especially about standing in front of the congregation, spreading his hands during songs declaring his need for grace and expecting, because of the cross, to receive it. (Romans 8:31-32) He is a great example for Cornerstone in this area. How about you though?

Comment by Caleb H.

I believe that the Care Group leaders in our church exemplify this. Beyond Sunday morning worship, we get to see them worship God in their homes. They humbly lay their lives out as an open book and proclaim their need for God in praise, in prayer, in the way they talk about the Gospel. There are many men who do this. They understand the gospel and God’s love. It is by God’s love we are even made in his image, and by God’s love we may know him.

What is even more encouraging is how this attitude is rubbing off on the young men in our church. Our generation is not as far gone as skeptics may think. Look at VFC, and we see many young men (some even younger in their walk with God), who are passionate about God. Who know God’s love, and who put the Gospel before everything else. These men are a result of God’s grace and His promises.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

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