Mohler’s books for men… by bigplew
June 10, 2008, 11:20 am
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by Mike Plewniak

He writes, “I am repeatedly asked about books that boys and men will want to read. The fact is that many guys just do not read for fun (if much at all) and yet, every now and then, they read a book that captures their attention. This list is for the moms and wives who are looking for a book that just might light that fire.

One reason for low interest in reading among males is the fact that much of the reading they are required to do in school is so uninteresting or demoralizing for boys. I believe that reading is appetitive. Readers develop a more ravenous appetite for books when they discover that they want to read and actually enjoy it. Here are some recent books that men and older teenagers are likely to enjoy.”

Here’s his list of books for men.


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Cool books. I think I will try the snake charmer one. Let’s see if I actually do it. You can ask me when I get back to K-town.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

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