Iron-man? by Travis Evans
July 8, 2008, 8:00 am
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By: Travis Evans

I read this in the Knoxville News Sentinel on July 3rd.

Rowenta surveyed more than 3,000 people in 15 cities to find out about their ironing habits.

Among the findings:
72.1 percent iron jeans.
55 percent iron T-shirts.
27.3 percent iron gym clothes.
23.2 percent iron boxer shorts.
2.8 percent iron bathing suits.

One of the most interesting discoveries: About 24 percent iron their clothes while wearing them.

Also, according to another survey, young British men are more comfortable ironing than tinkering under the hood. polled about 1,300 guys, and 62 percent preferred the ironing board to the car. Only 10 percent didn’t mind getting in touch with their inner grease monkey.

Other findings reveal men are more in touch with their feminine side. About 75 percent have donned an apron in the kitchen, and a surprising 85 percent admitted to crying in public.

James Brown, founding editor of the men’s magazine Loaded, said the surveyed showed that men have succumbed to “gender surrender.”

“A bloke’s masculinity used to come effortlessly and his place in the world was clear cut,” he said. “Nowadays, women are confident and men are confused.”

Now, I’m not saying that men can’t iron or cook and that they have to know their way around a car nor am I saying that women must do all the cooking and cleaning. But preferring it? Come on men; man up! And NO crying in public! Grab a wrench and be a man. What do you think?


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Funny Squatty! I have to admit to ironing with the clothes on. All you have ot do is put a frisbee under your shirt and your good…

Comment by psteele

boo typos… “to” and “you’re” should have appeared instead of their mistakes.

Comment by psteele

That’s interesting Travis. I wonder if the reason British guys don’t do much with cars would be because public transportation there is incredible. Many ride bikes and walk also. I don’t know- just throwing it out there. And no crying in public? Have you watched any of our pastors speak? Jesus wept. I don’t know……Interesting find though!

Comment by Trill

sometimes i’m too manly to stand it so i cry in public to take some of the masculine edge off. I agree with trill though, Jesus was a man’s man, and i doubt he had ever even changed his oil. Cars are a bad estimate of masculinity.

Comment by joshcan

***Editorial Note***

The line “And NO crying in public!” was meant in jest.

However, I think that there is a point to made here, so men, take note. Men can weep. Biblically, Joseph wept; David wept; Peter wept; Jesus wept.

Jesus wept over Jerusalem and the death of Lazarus. Note His example, He wept over the sin of Jerusalem, the death of his friend, and sin’s penalty of death. Jesus was emotional but did not express His emotions foolishly.

Men, make sure you understand crying and weeping and weep for good reasons! I see men (like my pastors) weep when they consider their families, their sin, the cross, the lost, and God’s goodness and grace. How can one not weep? R.C. Sproul wept when he heard of those fumbling the Gospel. C.J. Mahaney weeps in almost every sermon because he remembers his Savior.

So, though I could be wrong, I doubt the 85% mentioned in the poll were weeping for the Gospel. Don’t simply cry over the fact that you spilled your Venti Iced Latte, weep for the sake of the Gospel!

As an aside, I think the point about cars deals with a man’s role of provision and maintenance, not automotive skill or knowledge or fruit of masculinity, but that is another topic.

Comment by Squatty

Well said. We should not be afraid to weep for the gospel. A man’s weep can really show where his heart and treasure is, very quickly.

Thanks for the editorial update.

Comment by Thayer

Agreed to all that Thayer wrote! and some, I think it’s shows your heart if you do weep and I am not a weeping kinda guy. But, I think we should desire that. What do you all think?

Comment by Sagraves..

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