Blurring of Gender Lines and Shame on Me by Travis Evans
August 28, 2008, 8:00 am
Filed under: Culture, Humor

By: Travis Evans

Fellas, do you own a “questionable” article of clothing? I do, and I catch a lot of flack about it, such as the young daughter of one of my pastor’s saying, “Daddy, why is he wearing a girl’s shirt?” Yes, I own a pink shirt. I like it, too. I think guys can wear pink. However, just such a thing points to a blending of what is male and what is female. Don’t believe me? Well, let me shame myself again.

I was at Goodwill the other day looking for future VFC costumes. Well, I ended up finding stuff that I liked (like a blue IZOD polo for $6, and two cool t-shirts for $7), so I just started shopping. Then, still in the guy’s section, I came across this pink, striped, button-up shirt. I thought, “This is frat-guyish, but I like it.” (NOTE: I am not a frat guy nor do I have that style. In fact, I am a country guy with little fashion sense.) So, I took the shirt off of the rack and went to try it on in the fitting room. (Let me pause here to say that the shirt was a medium, and I wear several mediums.) When I started to put it on, the shirt did not fit. I thought, “This is a small medium.” Then, I noticed that the shirt was cut really high (above the waist). I thought, “That’s weird.” Then, I noticed the buttons. Yep, they were on the other side (the left). I was trying on a woman’s shirt. I was truly “wearing a girl’s shirt.”

So, the fact that I got that far is 1) a clue of our culture’s blurring of what is male and what is female and 2) shame on me!!

Final note fellas, if you didn’t know and for your aid, men’s shirts have buttons on the right; women’s shirts have buttons on the left. Also, the shirt in the picture is a man’s.


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I am glad we learned a lesson. I had forgotten about the button side thing.

Very amusing.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

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