i’ll give you something to cry about… by Caleb H.
September 1, 2008, 8:15 am
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by Caleb Hancock

So, as Mike Plewniak, Travis Evans, myself, and some other VFC members were talking the other night, a question was brought up that pertains to masculinity.

So…here is the question: In what circumstances is it appropriate for men to cry?

We were talking about movies and we definitely came up with some boundaries.

For example, Travis admitted that he cried when he saw A Goofy Movie.


Mike then said that he has cried in movies where an estranged father and son were reconciled.


I added that I have cried after watching intense war movies where sacrifice and loss are depicted (Saving Private Ryan)

VERDICT: ???? What do you think???

Along with that, we discussed the fact that it is totally acceptable for men and women to cry and weep when they think about Jesus Christ, the sinless savior, being crucified on account of their sins. Or when we encounter the result of sin, death, in personal relationships.

We have biblical examples of men who were brought to tears when they considered God, had compassion for others, or wept over their own sin. (For example: David, Jesus, Peter)

I am not advocating fluffy, emotional fervor. However, can you imagine a greater reason to weep than considering Jesus sacrifice on your behalf? Or when encountering hardened hearts against God?

Have you prided yourself on your tearless heart? Do you look down on men who have tear-streaked faces after a worship service or sermon? Look out, the Lord gives grace to humble men, but opposes the proud.

The truth is, Jesus Christ stands to intercede for every Christian. His sinless life and righteousness have been credited to, and his substitutionary death have taken all of the wrath from every believer who turns from their sins to trust in Christ alone. So if that is you, whether it be when remembering your sins, recounting Jesus sacrifice, or in joyful recognition of God’s worthiness and glory, let us as men not fear to let tears stream down our faces in appropriate situations.

Here’s a video of how bad things come from guys crying when they’re not supposed to! (This video was also the inspiration for Mike and Kevin’s Sonic Commercial Spoof from last years Vision Quest Talent Show)


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LIES! I did NOT cry. I came close and was a child!

Comment by Squatty

Masculinity is culturally defined. It generally deals with strength and things external to the home. Whereas, femininity is often more centered on the affairs of the home.

I see nothing wrong with crying. Or why strength cannot be found in weakness. Appropriate vs. not is cultural. I don’t think it is biblical. Regardless, I don’t think I would trust a man who couldn’t cry.

Comment by David McCarthy

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