What’s our role, part 1…. by bigplew
September 10, 2008, 11:31 am
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by Mike Plewniak

What are men supposed to do and are we doing it?  This blog is devoted to encouraging men to take up their God-given responsibility to be leaders, in whatever context God calls them to do that.  We have a vacuum of biblical leadership in the world today.  Leaders are often selfish, ambitious (not for God’s glory), manipulative, controlling, passive (often in the home and with kids), and seldom look to God for what He has said and declared for their role.  So, to help us understand what our role is, i wanted to take a couple days and review the Danvers Statement on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood.  This statement was put together by the CBMW.

Before their affirmations, they begin with this rationale behind why this is so important and the effects of a lack of biblical manhood and womanhood.


We have been moved in our purpose by the following contemporary developments which we observe with deep concern:

1. The widespread uncertainty and confusion in our culture regarding the complementary differences between masculinity and femininity;

2.  the tragic effects of this confusion in unraveling the fabric of marriage woven by God out of the beautiful and diverse strands of manhood and womanhood;

3. the increasing promotion given to feminist egalitarianism with accompanying distortions or neglect of the glad harmony portrayed in Scripture between the loving, humble leadership of redeemed husbands and the intelligent, willing support of that leadership by redeemed wives;

4.  the widespread ambivalence regarding the values of motherhood, vocational homemaking, and the many ministries historically performed by women;

5. the growing claims of legitimacy for sexual relationships which have Biblically and historically been considered illicit or perverse, and the increase in pornographic portrayal of human sexuality;

6.  the upsurge of physical and emotional abuse in the family;

7.  the emergence of roles for men and women in church leadership that do not conform to Biblical teaching but backfire in the crippling of Biblically faithful witness;

8.  the increasing prevalence and acceptance of hermeneutical oddities devised to reinterpret apparently plain meanings of Biblical texts;

9.  the consequent threat to Biblical authority as the clarity of Scripture is jeopardized and the accessibility of its meaning to ordinary people is withdrawn into the restricted realm of technical ingenuity;

10.  and behind all this the apparent accommodation of some within the church to the spirit of the age at the expense of winsome, radical Biblical authenticity which in the power of the Holy Spirit may reform rather than reflect our ailing culture.


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