If it ain’t broke, make a chair for it by Travis Evans
September 17, 2008, 1:42 pm
Filed under: Culture

By: Travis Evans

In 2006, Lunar Design released a collection of chairs titled Habit Forming. The collection is made up of two chairs, “Clothes Hanger” and “Hampered Seating”.

These quotes about the chairs say it all as to why we should be alarmed about such creations:

Clothes often find their way to nearby furniture rather than to the clothes hamper or the closet because of convenience and, over time, force of habit. Rather than focus on design solutions that seek to mitigate the effects of so-called bad habits or change the individual with the bad habits, the goal was to create designs that honour, celebrate and playfully interact with those habits.


[The chairs] demonstrate that design can literally turn bad habits into behaviors worth keeping or adopting.

Yes, heaven forbid that a man stop being lazy; it’s a trait to be honored, celebrated and playfully interacted with. [Note the sarcasm.]

Look, it’s like your mom always said, “Put your clothes away, boy.” Laziness in your room (and concerning your clothes) does not stay in that one area only. It lives in every aspect of your life. Feed it a little here and there, and it will penetrate all that you do. These creations aren’t helpful; they’re counter-productive and downright sloppy. Men, these chairs speak volumes of our culture and particularly of what society thinks it means to be a man. How do you respond when you see an item like this?

Read more about these chairs here.


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Those are some interesting chairs. However, I would say the designers missed their own point. You can’t even sit in them, so how can you be merging the two if both functions don’t exist? The only thing they did was make a clothes hamper/hanger look different, quite funky might I add.

Essentially, they have not fixed the problem. Guys will still be lazy and throw the clothes on the real chairs or in the real corners. They didn’t hit the heart of the matter.

As you said, men will not stop being lazy until they become diligent and purposeful in their efforts to be a well disciplined man. And usually that wont happen until something greater than themselves become their sole central heart desire.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

Wow…Let’s start making machines that burp and pick our noses for us too! It can “demonstrate that design can literally turn bad habits into behaviors worth keeping or adopting.”

Let’s be like our culture and celebrate mediocrity!

Comment by Caleb H.

Amen brother! It’s a new age thing..yay!

Comment by Tyler Thayer

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