Seduction of the Senses by Travis Evans
October 1, 2008, 5:00 pm
Filed under: Culture

By: Travis Evans

…the senses are literally seduced. That is what’s been said of the comfort sphere. Fortunately (or unfortunately), this “chair” is not available for consumers. As of right now, it is used for trade shows only.

Why does this matter to us as men? Well, we want one. As men, we are prone (and easily at that) to comfort, laziness, and ease. We want to enter into a realm of seduction for our senses: where are movies, entertainment and sports encompass us, and the world with all of its cares and responsibilities just drifts away. Simply kick back, relax and let the comfort sphere take you into a world of indulgent bliss. It seems so inviting, doesn’t it?

However, as men, we are called to die to ourselves and to humbly, faithfully and diligently serve where we are called: our homes, our jobs, etc. We must put the desire for comfort and laziness to death. Yet, we need God’s help. We must pray for grace to change and faithfully apply it to put sin to death. Christ died so that we can no longer be lazy and pursue comfort and ease. We can be more like Him. He was perfectly selfless, and by faith He is our righteousness, today. He succeeded where we fail. Let’s be motivated by grace to change and put selfish desires (for comfort spheres) to death!

Clarifying Statement: The comfort sphere is not evil or sinful. It would not be a sin to own one. However, its creation points to a mindset in our culture, a mindset of indulgence, indulgence in things that aren’t God.


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