Top 5 – Gospel Books by Travis Evans
October 4, 2008, 7:00 am
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Here at Manspeak we love certain things: books, movies, music, sports, and the great outdoors. So, on Saturdays, we want to know your favorites. Therefore, we bring you the Manspeak Top 5. To start it off right, the category will involve two things that we’re really passionate about.

What are your top 5 picks for books about the Gospel?


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Comment by Tyler Thayer

oRRR…..not found in the Bible…
1. Communion With God
2. The Cross Centered Life
3. Basic Christianity
4. The Mystery of Providence (Though I have not read it yet…sounds good though)
5. One to One (More of a pamphlet, its just clear and simple)

Comment by Tyler Thayer

I was actually going to say Communion with God too. It’s the bomb.
The Cross Centered Life is great too.

Comment by Marko

yea Communion with God is very good. Owen really helps you understand the depths of God’s love.

I saw another book in the CCK bookstore today that was awesome. It was called Big Thoughts For Little Thinkers -by Joey Allen. You should check it out sometime.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

There’s a book called “The Circle Trilogy” it’s made up of “Black”, “Red”, and “White”. It’s Christian fiction, but it really paints a beautiful picture of God’s love with us and an ideal relationship with Him.

Comment by Joshua Frerichs

Hmm…I will have to check that out. Sounds very interesting.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

1. redemption accomplished and applied–murray
2. the gospel for real life–bridges
3. living the cross centered life–mahaney
4. the gospel primer–vincent
5. The life of God in the Soul of man–Scougal

I was hurting to have even 5! The scougal and murray book are 2 of the best i’ve ever read.

Comment by joshcan

1. gospel primer — Vincent
2. cross of Christ — Stott
3. cross-centered life — Mahaney
4. tranforming grace — Bridges
5. majesty in misery — Spurgeon

Comment by bigplew

These are in no particular order (which I guess defeats the purpose of a Top 5)

1. Living the Cross-Centered Life- Mahaney
2. Gospel for Real Life- Bridges
3. Transforming Grace- Bridges
4. God is the Gospel- Piper
5. The Great Exchange- Bridges
6. ::Insert Another Bridges Book here::

Comment by Nathan Simmons

I love seeing these suggestions because I need to find more. I’ve tried Gospel Primer and didn’t get it. Maybe it’s my depravity getting in the way again. I’d put on my list Discipline of Grace (Bridges), Living the Cross Centered Life (Mahaney), and Cross of Christ (Stott). I’ll add more once I’ve read more.

Comment by chrisgraves

1) Pilgrim’s Progress – John Bunyan
2) The Gospel Primer – Milton Vincent
3) Living the Cross Centered Life – CJ Mahaney
4) The Life of God in the Soul of Man – Henry Scougal
5) The Disciplines of Grace – Jerry Bridges

Pilgrim’s Progress and The Gospel Primer are the tow best books on the cross that I have read by a long shot. I have not read anything that compares to those two on this subject matter.

Comment by Jonathan Kelfer

I add my vote to Vincent’s “The Gospel Primer”.

Comment by Kevin K Woo

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