Cars. Men. Pride. Humility. Jabba the Hutt. by joshcan
October 7, 2008, 7:00 am
Filed under: Humor

Like most men, God uses the combination of cars’ existence and my own personal ineptness to humble me. Add a proud, stupid tongue to the mix and you’ve got most of my car-in-shop situations. Most of the time, I’ve driven cars that your average CEO would probably refuse to pilot. Needless to say, I’ve gotten to be good friends with guys at the auto shop. Having mechanics know you on a first name basis is kind of cool. But it’s kind of like being friends with Jabba the Hutt. You might be glad he’s on your side, but then you realize…“What?! He’s a dang slobber-mumble flesh blob…Why do I like this?” Sorta.

So when I’ve taken my not-so-perfect cars to the shop, a humble man would tell the guys in the shop, “Pete. Terry. Help. I don’t know nothin’ bout no cars. It just goes: ‘kachunkabruh-brr-rr-bruchunka dddddddd dd dddllldddaSSSSSsssssssss sss sss ss s …BLUdduh duhh’ when I start it. Then it smells like cheese and burnt egg in the cab.”

But no. I say stuff like, “Boys. I’m thinking it’s the undertake manifold gasket. Or the water belt. Yeah, It’s given me problems before. I just don’t have enough time to do it myself, ya know? School and all. It feels like there’s a misfire in the flux capacitor or like the axle got wrapped around the motor or the tires need a good fill I think. Oh yeah, it’s definitely given me problems before.”

Then comes the kind smiles from the greasy thick-handed fellas behind the counter.

And I realize what they saw when I said about two words…I don’t have a clue about cars, but I’m too proud to admit it.

I think there’s something in every man that wants to know how to make their car work. BUT (And this is the moral of the story) if you don’t know anything about something, be ready to embrace what they call…humility. It’s great!

Just be warned, it can be humbling. But not as humbling as not being humble.



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It’s funny because I remember going to the good ole fellas on Clinton Highway. You found a kids’ place mat with car parts on it and began to study up. Haha, but I am not one to talk! I always make a point to tell the mechanic that I was going to fix it myself, but I ran out of time that week. He must think I’m one busy guy!

Comment by shaunocon

Flux Capacitor mechanics are hard to find and never around when you need them. “So, Marty – i hope you like meatloaf!” humility is like 1950’s meatloaf – it’s hard to swallow. ; > Thanks J!

Comment by bluemouse

Well-this issue of car problems could be considered by many as…my fault!! lol-dont worry though-your not the only one who drove those two cars-we both have been humbled-I personally thought only having three rims on my car was cool and having a door that wouldnt shut all the way was great-Anyways-continue to be humble or you will be humbled-love you bro-

Comment by latitudeandlongitude

Well said and well written. I’m right there with you. You need to sponsor a manspeak seminar on cars for all of us car know-nuthins.

Comment by chrisgraves

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