Leadership.5 Some Particulars by Caleb H.
October 27, 2008, 6:06 am
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by Caleb Hancock

To be a good leader doesn’t just mean that you can make split-second decisions, or that you make wise, thought out ones either. At least, that’s not all it entails.
Certainly, last week we looked at two aspects of Adam’s failed leadership in not protecting and correcting his wife, as well as his (and our) all too familiar reaction to sin by blaming others. Well this week, let’s take a look at another aspect of leadership from another biblical example.

Take a minute before reading on (if you really want to benefit yourself) and read the passage here.

Nehemiah 1&2

Nehemiah was an Israelite in captivity under a foreign nation. He was grieved to hear about the state of his conquered hometown and received (miraculously) permission from the ruling king to go and rebuild it.

It would be all to easy to see how Nehemiah could easily have taken off in hurried excitement in order to get back to Jerusalem ASAP. However, we see an aspect of the spiritual gift of leadership at work in the following way. Nehemiah took time (v.6) to think out exactly what would be needed to successfully complete his task BEFORE he began it. He not only received permission to do his task, he got letters to prove this, to allow him safe passage, and even written orders that all of his supplies be furnished.

Men, if we want to lead well, and follow Nehemiah’s example, let’s not rush about willy-nilly seeking to begin growing and leading in every sphere around us. Rather, let us think through where the Lord has placed us, how we can lead effectively, and take the time to think through the details.

Points of Application:

  • Are you prone to start many projects at once and lax to finish them? Take this post as a loving exhortation to change, in order that you might better serve those that you lead.
  • Do you schedule and prioritize your time on a regular basis? (Thinking through your roles, and coming up with specific goals to accomplish that week in each) Doing so will only benefit you and those you serve.
  • See that, no matter where you are, even if you’re merely a cup-bearer, the Lord would have you be faithful even in the small tasks that you are responsible for, in order that her might mold you into a leader that can rebuild a city (or lead/serve on a particular ministry team, prepare for and lead a wife, raise and lead a family, etc.)

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Thanks for this post Caleb! I think too often we forget to think of the how and why aspects of doing things. We must prepare and think about our tasks at hand so that we may pursue the task in excellence(or at least to the best of our ability). In addition, it is always helpful to think of the why…if you don’t, your actions may end up distorting the vision and the task. To have clear goals will help a leader keep focus.

If you ask me, the chief goal of all that we do should be a pursuit of Christ, or to glorify God through Christ. If we remind ourselves of this chief goal, or purpose, it will help our leadership remain focused on Christ, and shift our tendency for self-glorification toward something that is cross-centered.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

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