Top 5 – Music Genre by Travis Evans
November 8, 2008, 8:00 am
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Music comes in various forms and styles. Whether Classical or Jazz or Heavy Metal, music is fundamentally the same yet altogether different. There is an immeasurable amount of music available thats associated into a large set of categories known as genres.

What are your Top 5 musical genres?


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5.Swing/Big Band

Comment by Tyler Thayer

1.Movie Soundtracks
4.Classic Rock
5.Swing/Big Band

Comment by Sagraves..(Joshua)

Woot! Go Big Band!!!! Hey we should start our own Big Band…maybe not.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

1. Rock
2. Hip-Hock
3. Jazz
4. Worship (is this a genre?)
5. I can’t believe Tyler put “Techno”.

Comment by bigplew

Ahh C’mon Plew, you know you love techno! Try some of these songs out for size.

Comment by Justin Day

Man, you gotta love techno and trance. It gets you in this mood where you are just happy, no cares in the world. It is a great way to release all your worldly passions and idols. Maybe we should have Christian techno/trance raves?

btw…what songs were you going to suggest Justin?

Comment by Tyler Thayer

1. Shoegaze/Dreampop

unfortunately I’m not the kind of guy that has lists of my favorite things. I usually only have one favorite, and number 1 never seems to change. On the other hand, 2nd place is always up for grabs and changes often…

Comment by dcimino

1. Rock of any kind
2. Bluegrass
3. Classical
4. Jazz
5. Good acapella stuff (for example:

Comment by David Wells

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