Release the hounds! by Travis Evans
November 12, 2008, 12:00 pm
Filed under: Culture


By: Travis Evans

Men, we often view ourselves (and our culture romances this as well) as ordinary men with something powerful inside. Do we not love scenes in movies where a simple, old Chinese guy does all of these mystical, cool Kung-Fu things? Or we want to be the kind of person “not to be messed with” because, though we look ordinary, we will open up a can of whoop…you see where this is going.

We want to fight. We want to unleash fury. Take these lines for example:
“[D]on’t make me angry. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.” “You tell ’em I’m comin’, and Hell’s comin’ with me, you hear! Hell’s comin’ with me!” “On my command, unleash Hell.”

That sort of passion for action that burns within us can be used for good.

The evangelist is confident that he delivers the gospel, not as a mere competitor in the marketplace of ideas, but as an ambassador entrusted with the most powerful message ever unleashed on mankind…. As such, the primary role of the evangelist is simply to turn it loose. – Mark McCloskey, Tell it Often-Tell it Well

While culturally men are supposed to have this “power” inside of them (sorry, you don’t really have any “cool” power, and you just aren’t that impressive), there is an unstoppable, powerful message that we can be a part of. Unlike the romantic idea that we are ourselves behind some strong force, all we do is unleash it and get out of the way. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is that message. Once it has laid claim on our lives, we get to be a part in its powerful work.


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