Thorg hungry! Thorg want eat! by Travis Evans
November 19, 2008, 8:00 am
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By: Travis Evans

It’s no secret that guys like to eat. Hungryman frozen dinners (with the tagline of “it’s good to be full”) boasts a pound of food (or if you’re really hungry try the XXL with a pound and a half of food). Nutrisystem has a dieting program for guys that advertises “real food for real guys.”

PLUS-Guys Get More Food
We know how important it is for a man to eat great-tasting, hearty foods throughout the day-and on the NutriSystem Advanced Men’s Program, you get more food than any of our other programs.

Sadly, gone are the days of real food and real eating. Today, men are buying “specially formulated” and “all-natural” and “plucked from a tree and made into a source of fiber that will supply a lifetime of vitamins and minerals and make you live to be 145.” When was the last time we raised a pig, slaughtered it, made sausage out of it, smoked it, and ate it with a pan of biscuits and some molasses? I know. I know. No one wants a heart attack or through-the-roof cholesterol (and I am all for being healthy). However, I live with 9 other guys and I bet that I can open their cabinets and be disappointed at what “food” lies within. Food has been exchanged with “foood” (pronounced light and fluffy). Work has been replaced with exercise. Don’t be afraid to eat a hot dog covered in mustard and coleslaw, or eat a turkey leg or two.

All of the men in my family are alive and kickin’, and they live on good-ol’, country, fried, gravy-covered food. How? Hard work! Running farms. Building stuff, like cars and house additions. I say, “Put down that bowl of all-natural, 98g whole grain cereal; eat some steak and eggs; and get to work.”

Ok, so the above is (mostly) in jest. Let’s take a quick look at food and our culture and how it should differ. First, food (no matter how it winds up in front of you) is provided by God alone. Though you may grow or buy it, you ultimately do not provide it. God sustains you. Be thankful. Second, food should humble us. Since we, men, are proud, we need to continually be shown areas to grow in humility, and food is no exception. We need to eat. We need our energy replenished. God does not need to eat. God needs no replenishing. Third, eating is for God’s glory. Food is not our treasure. When we eat, we should delight in God in that He created various tastes and flavors when He didn’t have to. He gifted mankind with creativity to create different dishes and meals. So, take note how you eat and do it in a manner worthy and pleasing to God.

Think you’re a mauler of masculine meals? Get inspired here.

For fitness tips (and to show that I really do want men to be healthy), go here.


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Great post Trav. I agree, I need to grow in humility every chance I get, and realizing that I would die if God didn’t daily provide me with food IS humbling!

How amazing that the majority of us have never (involuntarily, due to lack) gone without eating food for even a day! God is so amazing. I can wake up and eat a banana from South America, meat from Europe, and Strawberries from the other side of the country! God has gifted men and blessed each of us!

Comment by Caleb H.

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