Not Manly, no doubt about it… by Caleb H.
November 20, 2008, 8:59 am
Filed under: Humor

by Caleb Hancock



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He needs to be drinking out of a straw.

Comment by JDM

i can’t stop laughing when i watch this — i guess i’m a fan of stating the obvious.

Comment by bigplew

Slo-mo Pecs is my favorite part. I challenge anyone to hear that line and then not look intently at the screen. It’s like the twilight zone. Hilarious!

What’s your favorite part?

Comment by Caleb H.

just wow.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

pony tail.

Comment by joshcan

now superimpose on me someone’s ugly house

Comment by joshcan

i squat on the street. my shirt says “to hell”

Comment by joshcan

i’m cold

(absolute favorite-I even missed it the first time i watched it. That’s why I recommend watching at least 7 times)

Comment by joshcan

that was some funny stuff, nice find!

Comment by James Baby

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