Top 5 – Mantivities by Travis Evans
January 10, 2009, 8:00 am
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What’s a mantivity? A mantivity is an activity for men. Man + activity = Mantivity.

So, math lesson aside, what are your Top 5 mantivities? Sports? Grilling? Fire making? Auto repair? Hunting? Let’s hear ’em!


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Great topic! Thanks to whoever posted it! My personal top 5 are Sports? Grilling? Fire making? Auto repair? Hunting?

Comment by Shawn Irwin

All five are NOT making up silly names for activities that men do. That’s something only that sissy-boy Kevin Shipp would do.

Comment by Kevin Shipp

This sounds like a nativity scene that has all men in it. I think we should remake the word that represents manly activities.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

Both Kevin and Tyler are right. The name has got to go.
As far as my favorite manly activities though…(in no specific order of significance or preference)…Fishing, Reading, Working Out, Auto Repair, Serving Others Humbly. (And I am working on all of these ares by Grace…especially fishing!)

Comment by Caleb H.

Petting kittens.

Comment by Jonathan Kelfer

You would Kelfer.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

Sports (playing, chatting about, etc.), Outdoor adventures, making fire and/or watching stuff explode, reading Scripture, prayer

Comment by David Wells

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