Don’t Waste Your Snow: A 7.5 Foot Snow Bear Warrior by joshcan
February 3, 2009, 1:38 pm
Filed under: Humor

Compelled by the call of God to subdue the earth, a group of East Tennessee, snow-deprived young men endeavored to create Knoxville’s largest snowman, and perhaps the world’s only 7.5 foot Snow-Bear Warrior. We named him Eric. But I’d like to rename him Bearic, the Frosty Killer.


Here’s the process of our feat of masculinity.


His bottom section has to weigh a couple hundred pounds, and we had to create a ramp to roll the middle section up there.


His right arm goes all the way to the ground, and his left arm (because we got lazy and cold) ended up being two 5-foot sticks, holding a cookie sheet shield.


That’s me trying to be as cool looking as Bearic, for scale, of course.



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crazy guys…

Comment by Tyler Thayer

who’s the guy in the pink boots? hmmmm?

Comment by thefranz

okay, so there were a couple females involved in this snowbear warrior constructing process. But believe me, they didnt do much.

Comment by joshcan

Where did you do that? And who all was there? Third, I would have loved to be near him it gets lonely being the only giant in VFC

Comment by Jeremy O

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