His and Hers: Girliness Taking Over Man World by Travis Evans
February 4, 2009, 8:00 am
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By: Travis Evans

I bought some floral screwdrivers and hammer from an upscale boutique and were much more expensive than what I would have paid here! Thanks for your great site! 🙂 – From Ladies Tools Online

These words don’t register in my brain. Floral and screwdrivers…together? Boutique and tools?

Sadly, this is just one area where our culture has broken down, and what were once “sacred realms” to men everywhere are being betrayed by the very companies that only men once used (some for 100 years).

Now, I’m not saying girls can’t have guy things or do guy stuff (though there are lines there too).

john-deere-9620<— should not become —>jd-pink

Should everything have a “His” and “Hers” option?


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love the tractor. What a beast.

Comment by Tyler Thayer

This is a travesty and a shame on the part of John Deere. Just as moving away from scripture compromises the integrity of the Church, moving everything from manly to pink and floral compromises the manliness of it. Of course, John Deere is much less important than the body of Christ. However, it is still important.

Comment by David Wells

Ironically, God makes my “random icon”” pink.

Comment by David Wells

David, that’s kindof appropriate for you though. But John Deere! Come on!

Comment by joshcan


Comment by Tyler Thayer

Reminds me of a 4/10 shotgun a friend of mine bought for his daughter. The grip and entire stock were pink. My girlfriend absolutely adored it though.

Comment by James Baby

we own a 9620 500hp john deere and if it came wit a pink bage then it would ave been stright 2 the 4 sale adds wit it heavy machinery is ment 2 be manly tuff and dirty not clean tidy and pink

Comment by burf

quiero comprar piesas de coesechadora de caña.

Comment by Juan Rogelio De Jesus.

Its time to man up. The world of mancider is next on the list.

Comment by Peter Dawson

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