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February 21, 2009, 9:34 am
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Blogs. You know what they are. If not, take a good look at where you are right now. No, look back at the screen…

We currently have 25 of them on our Blogroll. Each one is highly recommended. In fact, why are you still on this one? WAIT! At least name your Top 5 blogs before you go. What are your Top 5 blogs?


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world magazine
mental floss
between two worlds
sovereign grace
whats best next

sorry for the lack of links, i figured you could find them if you wanted to.

Comment by bigplew

1. Bound 2 Christ [Shameless plug]
2. TheResurgence
3. Albert Mohler’s Blog
4. Church Matters [9marks]
5. DesiringGod

Comment by Tyler Thayer

between two worlds
albert mohler
reformation 21
Helm’s Deep (Paul Helm)
church matters

Comment by Bill S

Since everyone else has pretty much covered the best Christian blogs on the net, I figured I’d add two really good secular blogs. These are the two top economic blogs on the net.

Greg Mankiw is an economist at Harvard and his blog is like Between Two Worlds for economics. It has a ton of good links to informative stuff. Whether we like it or not, money is what makes the world go around. This one will keep you up on the top economic articles on the net.

Marginal Revolution is a mixture between between good links and good opinion articles. It’s ran by two economists at George Mason University and talks about pretty much anything involving economics (you’d be surprised what all affects economics).

Anyways, those are two of my favorite secular blogs.

Comment by Justin Day

Miscellanes – – Tony Reinke

Comment by Jonathan Kelfer

This one is on my fav 5. I can’t tell you what the other 4 are. They change sometimes.

Comment by Dave M

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