Dude, this is awful…Check it out! by Caleb H.
May 20, 2009, 7:34 am
Filed under: Culture, Humor

Oh Yes!

I thought about sparing you all this video, but I couldn’t help myself! (What is it about guys that makes us want to share disgusting stuff with each other? Do we like watching the other person suffer through what we just did so that we can feel better about having experienced it ourselves? You know what I mean: “Oh Man! This stinks…SMell It!” Or…”This milk is spoiled…Taste it!”) Guys…We’re wierd!

Anyways, along that same vein, I hope you “enjoy” this video, and I would love to hear your cooments about this band’s musical and lyrical abilities (as well as sharing your kid-pop-star memories)


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wow — I’m not sure WHAT to say!

Comment by Davis

I may want to hear the teacher’s finger nails on the chalk board more than this. I CRINGE!

Comment by Tyler Thayer

if you ever want to torture me, i mean REALLY torture me, just play the video over and over and make me watch it.

Comment by bigplew

what, the 30-40 repetitions of the chorus weren’t enough the first time around?

Comment by stephen k.

That was pretty funny 😛

Comment by James Baby


Comment by Kevin Shipp

i’ll never get that 3mins & 30secs back… thanks alot…

Comment by stephen k.

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