Manskills #6. Survive: Find Potable Water. by joshcan
June 5, 2009, 12:07 pm
Filed under: Masculinity

During the summer, men do spontaneously primitive things. Like hurl themselves blindly into some uncharted wilderness-like location, throw their rubber sheets over a tree limb and sleep on the gound. Often times, they do this with absolutely no preparation whatsoever, and because of the fall and our inherent pride, they assume they can survive these dangerously primitive situations. Jeff Sanders, in Popular Mechanics, field director of Boulder Outdoor Survival School in Boulder, Utah helps us understand some of the steps necessary to surviving these self/stupidity-inflicted, precariously primitive predicaments.

Manskills #6. Find Potable Water

  • Don’t exert yourself in the heat of the day. You may lose more water by sweating that you’ll gain by digging. Ravines and valleys are carved by running water, so head for the bottom. In deserts, with only occasional flow, look for cottonwoods, willows and other light-green vegetation that grows in wet areas. When the sun or moon is low in the sky, scan the horizon for reflections that may reveal the location of small pools. (Don’t worry if the water looks scummy. Waterborne illnesses won’t kick in for at least three days’ dehydration can kill in a single day.) Collect morning dew by wiping grass with a cloth, then wringing out the water. If you have plastic bags, wrapping them around the boughs of deciduous trees yields 1 or 2 ounces a day.

Don’t overestimate yourselves, fellas. Potable water in your spontaneously self-inflicted wilderness survival predicament is harder to find than you’d think. Let that be a lesson to you.

More to come later. In the mean time, happy survival to you.



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