Men, Let’s Pray by Tyler Thayer
January 20, 2009, 6:47 pm
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Today we witnessed what the media is calling a major event in history.  Hopefully, you had a chance to watch the Inauguration of President Barack Obama.  In many respects it was truly intense and quite epic.  If you missed the Inauguration, I encourage you to check out the Inauguration Address.

Dr. Albert Mohler posted a prayer for President Obama on his blog today.  Mohler concluded his article by saying, “Christians are, first of all, citizens of a heavenly kingdom.  The followers of Christ know no allegiance of ultimate rank to any government or earthly authority.  Yet, the Bible clearly teaches that God has given us the gifts of law, government, and ruling authorities for our good.  We are instructed to pray for “rulers and all who have authority” and to be faithful in praying “so that we can have quiet and peaceful lives full of worship and respect for God” [1 Timothy 2:2].”

So men, I encourage us to respond to scripture’s charge and pray for our President and his family.  If you are married, get your family together and pray.  If you are around some buddies, get them together and pray. If you are by yourself today, before you go to sleep pray.  If you would like a starting point for your prayer, I highly encourage you to read A Prayer for President Obama on Albert Mohler’s website.

Men, let’s lead our nation in prayer as we cry out to our Creator.

Soli Deo Gloria,


E-MASQL8 by bigplew
June 14, 2008, 11:58 am
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by Mike Plewniak

This is a spoof from the back cover of Salvo Magazine.  It goes along with an article in the magazine and online by S.T. Karnick called “Girly Men:  The Media’s Attack on Masculinity“.  Listen to the conclusion of the article:

“Thus, the war against boys seems to have created three main character patterns for the adult male of our time: sensitive guys who want to please women; weenies and dorks who want only to be left alone to drink beer and play video games with their dork buddies; and thugs who, in rebellion against their unnatural education, are perpetually concerned with proving their toughness through increasingly loutish behavior. There are, of course, examples of decent, positively masculine males in the culture, but they are becoming increasingly overwhelmed by the products of educational and cultural feminization.

The fact is that people learn what you teach them. And the consequences of the war against boys—and the broader social war against masculinity in general—are increasingly evident in both the culture and the world at large. We should hardly be surprised that the results are anything but pretty.”

(HT: Justin Taylor)

Wartime Lifestyle by bigplew
June 13, 2008, 3:52 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

To see all the “Don’t Waste Your Life” videos, go to their youtube page or the website.

self-glory… by bigplew
February 8, 2008, 1:56 pm
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by Mike Plewniak

Irish Calvinist recently did an excellent post illustrating the deceitfulness of sin, our sinful nature, and how it can express itself in loving glory for ourselves instead of for Christ. Let me set-up this video for you. This is a video of Kevin Hart, a high school lineman who was dreaming of being recruited and playing for a PAC-10 school. He said he was being recruited by 2 schools — Cal and Oregon. It was a big deal at his high school. It was a big announcement. It made him look important. It was all a lie.

Here is what Irish Calvinist says about this video:

This is truly sad. But we cannot miss the real-life illustration of the depravity of the human heart and the lengths by which we will go to have our glory, even when the end game is clear.

In the aftermath, many in the media are piling on Hart for his defective plan and the effects of his selfishness upon his family, school and even himself. And to be sure he deserves much of what he is getting for it was a ridiculous move. However, I want to point out that the seed of self-glory and the toil of manipulation that spring from the depraved heart really is all the same. The nature of the human heart is to fantasy about self-glory, plan how to make it happen, and then to manipulate circumstances in order to accomplish this.

We are all susceptible to this type of thing even though many of us have not called a press conference to highlight it. It is fitting that his last name is ‘Hart’ as it should cause us to examine our own and see the inclinations toward the enthronement and exaltation of self. Ask yourself who is the hero of your contemplations and meditations? When your mind goes into neutral and you think about life, do you dwell upon the glory of yourself? Others? Christ?

OUR GOD SAVES by walterp
January 16, 2008, 8:00 am
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By Walt Alexander 

Hey everyone.

I wanted to tell you about a new CD I bought a couple of months ago.  It is Paul Balcohe’s Our God Saves.  Paul Baloche is known for writing the song “Open the Eyes of My Heart,” so I was a little skeptical of this CD and what it would turn out like. But I was thrilled to find out that it is great.  On this album, Paul joins up with Brenton Brown, Kathryn Scott, Matt Redman, and Graham Kendrick.

The CD kicks off with the title track Our God Saves.  Beginning with the lyrics… In the name of the Father, In the name of the Son, In the name of the Spirit, Lord, we come.  It is a wonderful song with great corporate chorus shouting “Our God saves, our God saves.”

Then, Rock of Ages You Will Stand continues the album with a rearrangement-of-sorts of the hymn “On Christ the Solid Rock.”  The older lyrics sound great to a new, easily singable melody.  The chorus goes like this: Rock of Ages, You will stand, our foundation to the end, Never failing, God unchanging, Rock of Ages, You will stand.  It is an encouraging song about God’s faithfulness in and through the death of Christ.

The next song Only True God is co-written by and sung with Kathryn Scott.  It sings of many of God’s unsingable characteristics – his transcendance,  imminance, humility, holiness, and triune nature.  The chorus simply sings: Father Spirit Son, Only true God, Exalted three in One, Only true God.

Another great song is Hallelujah To My King.  It speaks of the finished work of Christ to save us and bring us to God.  It sings of our former status as enemies and now as sinners welcomed to the throne!  The chorus exclaims: Hallelujah What A Savor, I owe everything to Him, Hallelujah What A Savior, Hallelujah to my King.

The CD continues with several other great songs, including You Gave Your Life Away about how Jesus laid down His life and a suped-up version of How Great Thou Art.

So, buy this album.  It is probably my favorite, non-Sovereign Grace, worship album of 2007.  It has well-written lyrics and great, singable melodies.  For a great critical review of this album by Bob Kauflin, check here.

Recent Headlines… by bigplew
August 11, 2007, 8:29 pm
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Cambodian Government Bans Door-to-Door Evangelism

Abortion Raises Crime Rates, Economist Says

Homosexual Content Prominent on Primetime TV, Study Says

Evolution Theory Overhauled after the Discovery of “Handy Man” Fossil

Walking May Harm Environment More than Driving

X-Games Crash/Miracle by Kevin Shipp
August 4, 2007, 2:36 pm
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Only the Grace of God explains why this dude didn’t shatter into a million pieces.

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